Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Daily double, wet n sloppy snow.

I'm just going to write one more small quick post here just to talk about how I haven't been walking out much lately. Quite frankly, I'm just getting real sick of winter. And since spring is coming soon, the weather has warmed up just a little bit. And by warmed up, I mean that it has gone from a frigid hell-freezing cold of -40 degrees Celcius (that's actually -40 in Fahrenheit as well!) to 0 C (32 F), but the humidity is unbearable.

Today, just as I thought we would start to have some warm dry weather again with most of the snow melted off the sidewalks and the streets, mother nature decided to have snow diarrhea and shit up a wet sloppy snow storm. I mean, it really was big wet floppy snow that was falling from the sky in large clusters and it just stuck to everything.  And since it was pretty warm, it melted the second it touched the ground, but at the rate it was falling it eventually piled up in this gross sloppy mush. Even my super-ultra-mega-forever-dry North Face winter boots were no match for this sloppy shit.

Ugh! God, it's everywhere!

I still went for a walk though. I had to go outside and move after being stuck on a chair at work for so long. But, I soon regretted it when I came out the metro. Just a couple of minutes outside and it felt like a thousand ice pigeons were taking a cold shit on my face. It's like I was being repeatedly spat on by old man winter, that gross bastard. Eventually, because it was so sticky, it just accumulated everywhere and soon fell from branches and light posts in huge semi-wet cold chunks onto the heads of passer-bys.

Still, there is one advantage to this kind of snow. Because it's so wet and sticky, it's great for making....


That's right! Snowballs! Just grabbing a handful and it all just stuck together. And I'm sure you've heard of the snowball effect? Ever wondered why it's called that? Just start with a snowball as small as the one pictured above, and just roll it in the snow on the ground and next thing you know, you have the bottom part of a snowman! Roll up two more and you can make the full snowman! But, by the time you're done, your clothes will be soaking wet and you'll soon suffer from hypothermia if you don't go somewhere dry and warm.

Anyway, I haven't gone out much lately because the weather is shit and cold and wet and I'm sick of it all. I can't wait for spring to come. Especially the maple season with all the sweet, sweet maple goodies!!!

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