Sunday, 16 June 2013

Grand Prix weekend, or The Douchebags are Coming!

Last weekend was the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix. I love racing, but I really, really hate the F1 racing weekend in Montreal. Why? Because that one event gathers some of the worst people of this world into my city. Rich, opulent douche bags who come here in their high end luxury sports cars to hang out in pretentious bars and restaurants, flash their money and hire escorts and sex workers to cheat on their wife. Well, not all of them. But, a whole lotta them do. Actually, it is a known fact that demand for sex workers increase significantly in Montreal during that event. The worst part is that most of the time these customers will be rough and abusive and violate those sex workers because they're tourists and come from far away. Thankfully, all I had to deal with were a bunch of douche bags in muscle shirts and tribal tattoos and their girlfriends with huge fake tits from Montreal's equivalent of the Jersey Shore: Laval and Brossard.

So, last weekend I totally forgot that during the Grand Prix, Montreal closes up some streets for some activities. I got off at Place Des Arts and walked to Saint-Laurent only to find the street closed off to circulation north of Sherbrooke and a crowd of the aforementioned kinds of people. Actually it wasn't so bad. It could've been worse. It could've been Crescent street.

Anyway, as I was walking up I saw a few fancy cars. I thought I'd share a few. First of all, here's all the supercars; the Lambos and Ferraris and Austin Martins and whatever. And to think some people drove these things in the pothole-filled Montreal streets in heavy traffic. It makes me cringe just thinking about it.

Some others were brought there for show like this horrible camo Ferrari. Oh God, why?

However, there were some pretty classy vehicles from the past exposed there. It was a crying shame that they had to be parked out in the rain. Like this black 1948 Buick Super, or a white Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75.

My biggest surprise that night was seeing that there was some stuff happening on Mont-Royal as well. I was confused because usually they stick to Crescent and Saint-Laurent during the Grand-Prix. But, it was pretty empty. And on my way back down Saint-Denis, I spotted a nice motorcycle and a hot-rod. The motorcycle is a Triumph, my favourite motorcycle brand because they have some very good looking classic bikes. And the hot-rod is an old Plymouth Coupe, with the fenders "coupés", get it? Because "coupé" means cut off in French. Hahahaha! Oh I'm so funny!...

Well, that walk was pretty tiring. I hate large packed crowds. I always feel like I'm in survival mode and on high alert in those situations. Always trying to find my way to the nearest largest empty space so I can breathe. When I saw the barriers on Saint-Laurent, I should've taken another path, but I decided to cut through anyways. Hey you never know what you might see or who you might meet. Anyway, it wasn't so bad in the end. And I got to see some nice classic cars. I love those!

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