Monday, 12 August 2013

Cars Cars Cars and more cars!

I've been out and about and this past month I have spotted quite a lot of awesome automobiles. Why would I pay for a car show when you have all these beauties parked on the side of the streets of Montreal?

First off, I spotted this beautiful Parisienne from Pontiac a few weeks back in July.

And then this crazy gorgeous red Cadillac convertible. No idea what model or yer though. If anyone has any idea, I'd like to know.

Another beautiful Pontiac. Still don't know what model or year.

A GMC Vandura! Fully equipped! They cost an arm and a leg to fill up and to drive around, but man it must be fun to travel in one of these! This one is a real beauty.

And would you believe it that right on the street where I worked, just a block away from a freakin' Tesla (I kid you not) I found this god damn Ford Model T convertible! It has wheels made of wood! I have no idea what kind of gasoline this thing runs on. I saw the man drive by with this thing and my jaw just dropped.

And finally, I spotted this old Valiant. For some reason, I always found this brand to be special. It's the name. I just remember as a kid seeing one and my dad telling me what it was and it made me think of Eddie Valiant, the private eye in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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