Wednesday, 22 August 2012

1000+ visits WOO-HOO!

Over a thousand visits already! WOO-HOO! (More like eleven-twelve hundred visits, but I'm sure at least a hundred of those re mine.) Still, that's pretty awesome! Most clicks obviously came from Google & Facebook and ... Stumbleupon? Anyway, in honour of this great milestone, here are a few pictures of some really cool cars I got to see in the street over the last weekend.

Very practical to lift yourself out of the Montreal potholes.

Every time I see cars with a hydraulic suspension like this, I think of the old Pop Tarts commercials...

God I miss those commercials. As much as that guy reminded me of the high school douche bags of old in Pointe-Aux-Trembles, he totally left an impression with his iconic BAAAAAAYUMM!!! Now when I see a bus lower itself or a handicap I go BAAAAAAAYUMM!! And everyone just turns around to look at me like I'm some insane lunatic who just escape from the mental institution nearby.

Here's something that's a little classier. Little & classier. The MG MGA Twin Cam! I like little roadsters like these. I'd really like to drive one someday. I bet they're real fun to drive.

Also, I bet whoever wants to drive one of those midget cars (that's what MG named most of their cars, Midget. No! Seriously! No, don't call them little vehicles. They're midgets! No! That's not offensive, I swear!) Ahem! Whoever wants to drive one of those midget cars probably doesn't suffer from any kind of... complex...

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