Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Atomic Cafe

I just came back from a couple of days of vacation at Old Orchard Beach and my best friend and brother from another mother wanted to hang out Friday evening. I invited him over to my place to go watch the fireworks they had at La Ronde in tribute to the band Queen. Every summer starting around mid-July there's an international fireworks competition where many countries compete and you get to see a different show twice a week. Usually, the fireworks are in sync with some music and it was obviously the case with the Queen tribute, which was pretty cool.

Afterwards, my buddy was a bit hungry so I proposed we walk along the Promenade Ontario in search of an open restaurant. One of the last places to be open was the Atomic Cafe. I passed in front of it many times and it looked like a cool hangout, but I never actually went in.

It's really a nice little shop with a total 50's retro decor that sells small meals like simple sandwiches, soft drinks and beer. It's the kind of place people meet up and talk over a bite and hang out. I thought it was really cool because there were all these old retro television sets and light fixtures and some retro devices such as a classic Asteroid video game and a jukebox that plays 8mm video clips!

The menu offers different kinds of coffees and hot drinks, smoothies, specialty grilled sandwiches, cold cuts sandwiches and small breakfasts. Nothing really out of this world, but simple, cheap, tasty and refreshing. It's a nice place to chat with the barista or other customers and talk about current events. Apparently the owner of the place has a pad that looks like a 50's Bond film set. He's really got a knack for retro decor and art in general.

Additionally, in the back of the cafe is a video rental store called Le Septième. It's a repertoire movie rental place which made me jump for joy. I found all sorts of movies that have passed at previous Fantasia festivals, but could never find a source online to get my hands on them. I will definitely open an account first chance I get and rent them all!

So, if ever you're in the area and you feel a bit peckish, stop by this place for a quick lunch. Their sandwiches are very tasty. And you can take the time to talk to the people there as they are super friendly.

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  1. FYI, for the video game console, it's actually a Vectrex. You can check it out here.