Sunday, 16 December 2012

Merry Montreal

So it's the holidays soon and Montreal is all lit up with cheerful decorations. The temperature has been going up and down from 5 degrees Celsius to -10 degrees Celsius  (41F to 14F) and at it's coldest, it's been quite difficult to go outside at all. Also, with the snow and ice it makes it a lot more difficult to walk around. My warm classic Converse shoes with the lining won't do the job in the snow and ice, so I went and got myself a new pair of boots.

When I went to buy them it wasn't too cold so I was able to take my gloves off and take out my phone to grab a few pictures. Place Ville Marie had its usual Christmas tree made of lights and the McGill College boulevard was all decorated. And the BMO building was red white and green. It was quite nice.

Further east, at Place Des Arts, there was some kind of outdoor exhibition of some kind called Luminotherapie. There were these angular arches that were put up with different coloured lights called "icebergs" and when you walked under them, they changed colours and played different sounds.

Later, this weekend I did some holiday shopping. While walking on Saint-Laurent, I came across a new restaurant. Burger Royal, located at 3820 boul. Saint-Laurent. The place was still being renovated, but they were opening up that night! It looks like it's going to be a gourmet burger place. If there's one thing that Montreal is painfully lacking is a decent gourmet burger joint that's not excruciatingly priced. Hopefully these guys won't charge too much! I was really happy to see this because even though my top favourite meal of all time is a steaming hot bowl of ramen noodles with all the fixins, a good gourmet hamburger with quality ingredients comes at a close second. I couldn't go and try it out that evening because I had a little dinner event to attend, but hopefully next time I'm around I'll be able to go and try it out! I can't wait!

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