Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Drummer in the middle.

Tonight I went for a quick walk around the plateau just to clear my head of recent events. And what do I see at the Quai Des Brumes? Kingsfoil was playing tonight. Who is Kingsfoil? It's a small pop-rock band whose drummer is none other than the famous child actor from Malcolm in the middle, Frankie Muniz.

It's not very clear, but that's him on the right.

I hung around for a bit trying to see if my landlady was working there tonight. (Yes my landlady is a bar maid at the Quai Des Brumes!) Unfortunately, her shift was already over and she was on her way home. I stuck around for a little bit and saw a little tour van  just down the street. And who do I see walking by me? Frakie. Freakin'. Muniz. I went up to him to say hi and he was a really nice and humble guy. I asked him about his racing career and he said he let that go and that now he was doing his drummer gig full time. He asked me if I was going to see his band tonight and I told him that I couldn't unfortunately. I felt bad, but I have work tomorrow. Anyway, he was nice enough to let me snap a picture of us together.

He's a pretty cool dude. And I was super excited to meet the star of the hit TV show that I used to watch so often. This was awesome!

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