Monday, 29 April 2013

The Authentic Taqueria

Last Friday, I went out again with my highschool buddy from last week. Remember that taqueria I found on Saint-Denis on record store day? I invited my friend there for dinner to try it out. It turns out the place is called La Matraca!

First of all, don't let the signage fool you. The moment you step in, you can plainly see that this place is truly authentic. Not some over the top three amigos with sombreros with wooden stick separators and Aztec carvings all over the place. No. Just a couple of televisions playing a Hispanic sports channel with futbol all over the place and some Latin music for the mood. Also, the place was packed with Hispanics. Call me racist, but if you were in Mexico and you were looking for a tasty poutine restaurant, you'd best go to the place where you'll find a bunch of French Canadians. Because that's most likely the best place to get your real authentic Quenecois poutine fix. Anyway, meanwhile in the back of the restaurant, there's an open kitchen where you can see the cooks preparing the food. I was pretty excited when I saw the kitchen. The whole layout and the way they were preparing the food, especially the meat, it was just like that place where I had the bet tacos ever in San Francisco. It smelled delicious in there too!

When we sat down, we were handed a sheet of paper with a list of items and a pen. Basically, how it works is you write down the number of items you want in the squares, kind of like in an all you can eat sushi restaurant. The menu was basically to explain the items and it had a pretty good variety. Most of the items in there were not your typical white people Mexican restaurant. (For a lack of a better description) Dishes such as sandwiches and pretty well garnished tortillas and soft shelled tacos.

I was hungry for some tacos so that's what I ordered along with a bottle of mandarin flavoured Jarrito. I asked the waitress how big they were and she told me she usually orders 5 or more. They looked pretty big in the picture, but from what she told me, they were actually pretty small. So, I took her advice and ordered 5, one of each kind, with some extra cheese. My friend ordered three with a quesadilla and some kindof milky drink with rice. After a long while, my friend and I finally had our food.

I was missing one, but the waitress soon came back with another plate with the extra taco.

So this is what real authentic tacos are like. I mean just Google it and that's what it is. A bunch of toppings on some soft-shells that you roll up and eat with your hands. (Notice the absence of utensils.) I added the sauces on there, rolled up and took a bite. Man, that was good. Those were some very tasty tacos The little salsa was fresh and tasty and sweet with a little bit of pineapples and cilantro. I had two kinds of beef tacos, two kinds of pork and one chorizo taco. The meat was not ground beef. It was marinated, grilled and hand chopped. It was absolutely delish. The sauces were very spicy too, and I mean it. I'm used to spicy and that was hot. Let that be a warning to you. But, I enjoyed it very much. Though I wish I had ordered more because I was still hungry.

The place was super busy that night. I mean it was packed! The waitresses had trouble keeping up and service was super slow. They almost got our order confused at first, but they were fine. Nonetheless, they did their best and kept on serving us with a smile. They were real troopers.

When we got the bill though, my jaw dropped. For 5 very small tacos and a soda pop, my bill went up to $20 just for myself! Quite frankly, for that amount of food, I didn't expect this kind of price. That was pretty much the only thing that bothered me with the place. Maybe next time I should try ordering something bigger and more filling.

Anyway, over all we were very pleased with our experience and we definitely want to go back there again. Additionally, you can buy a t-shirt that says "I *heart* tacos!". Who could refuse that?!

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