Thursday, 26 July 2012

Classic Car Competition at the Orange Julep

Have you heard of Orange Julep? That giant Orange on Decarie boulevard? It's a greasy potato shack kind of place that sells burgers, steamed hot dogs and poutine with their signature drink. The Orange Julep drink is basically orange juice mixed with milk. Yeah, I know, what idiot would mix those two together. Wouldn't the milk coagulate? Well it turns out it's pretty tasty! It's a refreshing creamy orange drink that will help you wash down the gravy and melted curd cheese of that deliciously greasy poutine.

The Orange Julep is a hot spot for car enthusiasts. Many Montreal based auto clubs meet there once a month. Sometimes you'll have the Honda Civic club gathering there or a Jeep club get together. Yesterday was fantastic though. I was just getting out of work when I passed by and saw that they were having a classic cars competition! I immediately pulled my car across the boulevard and turned into the Orange Julep parking lot to go check out the beautiful classics, the hot rods and old muscle cars on display.

Here are a few pictures that I snapped while walking around the lot.

El Camino SS!

Low rider Buick Century 1951

This is a Studebaker Champion. Never thought I'd see one of those in real life.

This was probably the best looking Mustang on the log.

I think this might be a Mercury?
Edit: No, it's another Chevrolet Belair, 1959

This is an Austin Healy 3000! Another rarity.

I have no idea what this is, but damn it's hot!
I think it might be a Plymouth Coupe...

This Corvette is stunning! Very classy!

Another hot rod! I would love to drive one of those one day.
This is a modified Plymouth Coupe from the 1940's for sure.

PIMPMOBILE!!! That land yacht is a Lincoln Town Car.
You need a scooter to get from the front of the car all the way to the back.

Pontiac Firebird with the complimentary pin-up gal of the night.

My Favourites of the night were the Chevrolet Belair. They looked fantastic! I completely fell in love with them just because of the sheer details in the car. You definitely get a feel of the era with the aeroplane-like parts and the wings. They were in perfect stock condition too! A real treasure!

Just look at that beautiful thing!
Check out the chrome bird on the hood!

I think this model above was an earlier model from 1956. This next one is from a year later, 1957, and is in my opinion much better looking. I absolutely love the hood and the chrome front grille and bumpers. The fact that they painted the back of the car the same colour as the rest and the chrome around the headlights and the tail wings also gives it a little extra oomph. Definitely my favourite of the lot.

You can check out the entire photo album here: Walking Solo - Classic Car Competition at the Orange Julep

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