Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Complexe'd Desjardins

The other day I went downtown by car because it was late and I was afraid I might not be able to walk around long enough before the Metro closes. It was a terrible clusterf*ck because of all the police cars racing up and down Boulevard René-Lévesque, cutting people off, driving over the median and caravans of dozens of paddy wagons running red lights to go load the protesters that were walking around the UQAM university. They caused complete chaos, so I decided to get the hell out of the way and park at the Complexe Desjardins underground parking. A cop car almost hit my own car while making a sudden last minute turn so I was pretty shaken and angry.

Until I spotted this incredible gem on my way up in the elevator.
Lookin' pretty smooth there. A true lady killer!

That picture made my day.

Also, I noticed they decided to put colored lighting at the ceiling of the Complexe which made it look really nice from the outside, through the tall glass wall.

Now that's a pretty cool looking credit union!

Anyway, I just wanted to add this little memento of that evening on here before I forget.

Bonne nuit!

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