Monday, 21 May 2012

New blog.

Hi people!

I've had a few poor excuses for blogs before where I tried to write down my thoughts or whatever and I guess I'm at it again. Except this time I thought I'd try it with something Google related since I use pretty much all their services now.

What basically brought me to do this is because I have recently decided to start wandering the streets of Montreal to try to get my mind off recent personal events. I need to entertain myself and I thought I'd entertain the web at the same time. Write some articles, post a few pictures. I dunno, I've never been really good at this but I'm giving it one last desperate shot at trying to create something uh.. creative. Knowing myself, it's going to be inconsistent and sort of mixed up and that's why I decided to call it Walking Solo: Ramblings in Whateverland.

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