Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Shitstorm - No walk today

Since yesterday Montreal has been bombarded by giant thunderstorms. Today was the worst as the entire city was flooded. It was so bad, water came gushing out of sewers and in some places the man hole covers were levitating above the holes out of sheer air pressure from inside the sewer pipes. Some metro stations were flooded and had to close down and this was all happening during the evening rush hour.

My mom happened to be in the underground mall at Place Montreal Trust when it all came down and she happened to shoot this very short video showing how the flood just came through the mall entrance all the way down the escalators to the levels below.

I was smart enough not to take my car today, because I knew, I just had a gut feeling, that we were going to have a shitstorm today. I've seen sewers gushing before on the Decarie highway and in the Ville Marie tunnel during heavy rainfalls so I left my car at home. And I left work a little earlier when it started raining because I saw the big ominous mushroom storm cloud approaching in the horizon and I knew hell was going to break loose.

It looked a little something like this, but bigger.

I finally got home safe and sound and without getting too wet and when I turned on the TV and watched the news and read my Facebook on my computer, I saw what I avoided and I felt pretty damn smart.

I thought I'd add these little bits for shits and giggles ;)

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