Sunday, 27 May 2012

Paint your own gnome

A couple of weeks ago I was walking down St-Denis one evening and I saw a couple of girls painting some clay figurines behind the window of a shop. I assumed it was some kind of place where they made their own clay objects on site and sold them. I thought it was cool that some crafters were selling their own hand made creations right there. But, I passed by that place again a few days later and I realized it was actually a coffee shop! So I thought I'd go in and ask what the heck was going on up in there.

Look! They got gnomes!

So the place is called Le Céramic Café Studio and it's located on the corner of St-Denis and Marie-Anne. It's a coffee shop, restaurant, store and a ceramic painting studio all in one. They had plates, cups, figurines and other things to paint. I asked the lady at the counter how it works if you want to paint something and she said that after you pick your object, whose price vary depending on the type and size, you pay for a certain amount of time and they provide you with all the colors and brushes you  need! And they even cover your creation with a clear coat of varnish and they bake it on for you! How freakin' cool is that? But, she said it takes a week before you can actually retrieve your item because of how many they have to do. That's a pretty cool concept. You can drink a nice cup of coffee or tea and even have a meal, then digest your food and relax while creating something that's unique. Oh and they sell painted objects as well if you're too lazy.

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