Friday, 15 June 2012

The Laval trip

I need new eyeglasses. I've been shopping around for a new pair at Lens Crafters and settled on a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren frames. Though, I wasn't too satisfied with my choice. When I got home, I was browsing the Lens Crafters website and found out they had a sweet pair of Ray Bans that I tried somewhere else and really liked, but they only had them in Laval! Also, I got mixed opinions from colleagues and friends about the two frames. Some preferred the more classic straight look of the Polo frames, others preferred the more hip Ray Bans and thought they had more punch. So, I decided to get a final opinion and called my sister and asked her and her boyfriend to come with me to Laval. In the end, I settled on the Ray Bans. They really looked a whole lot cooler.

Afterwards, the stores were closing so we headed back to my place. My GPS directed me to the new toll bridge of highway 25. I stopped just as I was about to get on the highway and punched in a new route that lead me to the Papineau-Leblanc bridge. As I was driving down Papineau to cross Montreal North to South when my sister suddenly had a craving for a strawberry swirl softserve ice cream cone. I told them about this ice cream parlour in my neighbourhood that we could go to, but in a sudden  fury of panic and excitement she spots this ice cream place just as I was crossing Bellechasse street in Rosemont.

Who could say no to that face?

Needless to say, I was forced to park my car to avoid the tantrum of ultimate doom from my sister. She needed ice cream right - fucking - now. What is it with women and ice cream anyway?

"I was actually unaware of this phonomonon until last weekend when I saw a woman actually thrust her hand through a man's back and out his chest to get to the ice cream he was holding."
- Silly Asher

And you know what? She didn't even get the friggin' strawberry softserve! And you know why? Because the ice cream place had thunder bitchin' assortment of gelato and sorbet! They had all sorts of really cool looking flavors like Nutella, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Coffee Crisp, cookie dough, etc.

Gomme Balloune means Bubble Gum.

One flavour, though, left me scratching my head...

Smurfs flavour?

Yep, that's right! Smurfs flavour! The lady at the counter said that it tasted like cake frosting. But, you gotta wonder, what do Smurfs taste like? I mean, I bet even Gargamel doesn't know as he's never been able to eat any of them to my recollection. That's probably what he was trying to do all along, just figure out what the hell they would taste like. What would you imagine Smurfs flavored ice cream to taste like? Leave a comment to let me know!

Anyway, I settled on some pistachio and chocolate mint gelato. I was going to get the Nutella one, but I found it lacked that hazelnutty chocolate flavour. The brother in law got dark chocolate, pistachio and a strawberry sorbet. I forgot what my sister picked. But, do you know what else they had at that store? Candy! They had a wide selection of jujubes and hard candy and chocolate covered whatever.

So if your gelato ain't sweet enough, top it up with some candy!

Finally, as we were heading out figuring out what to do next with our cups of gelato, the girl at the counter directed us to the back door to their pation they had set up for their custmers, which was a nice added touch! Especially with the rocking chairs, which we promptly sat on and rocked like an 80's hair band with our mouth full of sweet, gelato goodness.

Shown here, sister and her boyfriend, 
rocking the fuck out on their rocking chairs like a couple of bosses!

When we were done, we jumped back in my car and drove home happy. Happy to fill ourselves up on tasty gelato, but also to have avoided a crazy sister tantrum. Two birds - one stone. All of this because of a trip to Laval for some eyeglasses.


  1. pics or it didn't happen

    1. Or WHAT didn't happen? I'm curious about exactly what you want to see here...