Friday, 22 June 2012

That Mysterious Place with the funky music

Hey blog readers!

Sorry for not writing yesterday. Honestly, there wasn't much to talk about. I just went to Chinatown and ate a little meat stuffed bun (hehe) and a mochi ball from that place I talked about before and then went up Saint-Laurent to do my usual circuit.

Where the adventure starts.

Like I said, nothing much happening last night. It was hot, but bearable. There was a light refreshing breeze that kept me cool enough. It didn't take long for me to get all sweaty though. And my shirt had this fabric that became dark when wet so I looked all sweaty and gross even though I was trying to look elegant. I could see some people giving me a dirty look because of the wet sweat spots on my shirt. To them, I say a big F-U. What? You think I'm inferior because I don't look like this guy on a hot day?

Bitch, please! When it comes to looking good,
nobody can beat incredible photogenic guy.
Your expectations are way too high.

When I cross from Saint-Laurent to Saint-Denis, I walk along Mont-Royal. There's this mysterious place right next to the Boite Noire that plays some really cool funky music kinda like the stuff you find on the Beastie Boys' instrumental album The In Sound From Way Out such as Namaste.

From outside the place looks like someone's apartment with some broken vertical blinds and a couple of sad looking plants in the window. But, I swear, it always sounds like there's a cool live band playing in there or something. There's no sign in the front, it's just this place that looks dark and abandoned. I'm gonna have to go up there someday to figure out what's going on.

See? It's that beige building there. I have no idea what that place is.

Did I mention it was hot that evening? Just around the corner on Saint-Denis, there's a really, really good gelato/sorbet parlour. They make their own products. On a day like this, it gets packed! But, if you can stop by and get a cone I swear you won't regret it. It's even better than that candy-gelato place in Rosemont that I stopped at for my sis's ice cream craving rampage. The place is called Crémerie Meu Meu. Meu Meu is the French equivalent of Moo Moo for all you non French Anglo bastards. ;)

Just for the hell of it, since I'm talking about gelato, remember there's another place at Square Saint-Louis, at the end of the Prince Arthur street that have their own gelato as well.

Anyway, that's it for the night. I still have to write a post about last Saturday at the Plaza Saint-Hubert. If this heat keeps up, I may stay in my AC cooled apartment tomorrow and finally get down to it. Until then, have a good night.


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