Sunday, 16 September 2012

Just some awesome cars I found

Wow! The past few posts took a lot of time to write. I've done my best to write them in my free time since I can't write at night like I did earlier this summer when I had chronic insomnia. And, I've also been walking around at the same time, not just to keep my sanity anymore (I think I lost that battle a long time ago anyway), but as good exercise now. I've stopped exploring for a little bit to be able to write down all the other cool stuff I've seen this summer so I've been walking around the same spots almost night after night. I got a circuit down and everything now. I take the subway or my car (depending on how late it is), get off at Chinatown, walk up Saint-Laurent street all the way to Mont-Royal, then head east to Saint-Denis, then south until I reach Sainte-Catherine and then back west until I reach Chinatown again. Sometimes, when I have the energy and the time, I'll keep on walking on Sainte-Catherine until I reach Atwater and come back  to the the Guy Concordia metro. The short walk is approximately 6.5km (that's 4 miles for all you imperials who still base yourself on the royal family's ancestral limbs) and 9.6km (approx 6 miles) for the long walk. That's a pretty good walk! Anyway, so here's a wrap up of what I've seen in the past couple of weeks.

Place Ville Marie. A Montreal Icon.

So I've been out of town almost a weekend out of two during August. I've been to Maine, California and Ontario. It was awesome. Now I'm back in Montreal and I go walk around town and this is what's going on. Oh Montreal, you will never change.

And they bill the water usage on multiple unit & commercial buildings because they
consume too much water when you got pipes leaking all over the place. What's the point?

One thing I've noticed more over this summer is the amount of cool cars I got to see in the streets, and it wasn't even during any special event. I saw a lot of hot rods and low riders and some awesome old cars. For example, I hiked up Mount-Royal again recently and I saw this great looking Cadillac. With all the upholstery in there it's literally a living room on wheels! I bet the sex is pretty comfy and awesome in the backseat of one of those cars!

That's a sweet pimpin' ride.

I can't imagine what it must've been like 
to parallel park in the 70's and 80's.

Hot curdled chocolate milk that's been standing in the car under a hot sun
makes for a tasty snack after an afternoon of trekking!

The trunk is so big, it's probably a 4.3 DH
(That's Dead Hookers. A unit of measure for trunk space)

Another example from earlier this summer, I came across this beautiful MG. I never saw one like this before. I've seen a lot of Midgets (no, really, that's what they're called) but this one was an MGA. (no not the Beastie Boys DJ, the car!) It's a great looking roadster and I would love to drive one of those someday. Just the feeling of pure driving with a roadster that has no gadgets or electronics, just pure mechanical engineering at work. I had a 1998 Honda Civic like that once. Standard. No power steering. No ABS and no traction control. It was awesome, but the engine was dying out so I got rid of it. I did many a doughnut in the snow during the winter with that car. May it rest in peace.

Such a sexy little car. Look at them curves.

Bigger ISN'T always better.
It's all about the feeling you get from the ride.

And just as I was taking pictures of the inside of the car,
a cop car has to pass by. I guess someone thought I looked suspicious.

And then, one night I was passing by the Katacombes gothic punk metal bar and I saw this hot rod. It was in fantastic shape. Except you could totally tell from the reflection on the body that about half of it was fiber glass. I don't know if the guy was done with it, but it could definitely be polished smooth and it would look out of this world. Also, I can totally picture a gothic pin up girl driving this thing. God damn that would be hot! Heck, if she ever got a flat tire, I bet I'd be able to jack up that car with my err.. urhm... well, I would certainly give her a helping hand because I'm a gentleman and I know how to change a tire.

A car like this would also be awesome in a movie where a possessed goes around killing people. Oh wait. It's been done? Twice? Actually, I'm no stranger to these movies. I remember as a kid I used to have nightmares about the car from the movie The Car. Maybe we can make a Quebecois version with this blue deathmobile. It would go around the streets of Montreal killing people to the sound of Gens du Pays by Gilles Vigneault and it's downfall would be a giant pothole. We could have different kinds of victims in different locations like hipsters in skinny jeans riding their vintage bikes on the Plateau, sweatpants-wearing white trash on welfare in Hochelaga, swanky elite millionaires in Ville Mont-Royal, etc. I don't have anything against all these people by the way. I just think it would showcase the city and it's variety of inhabitants very well. I wouldn't discriminate against anyone. Discrimination is wrong and should be denounced. In fact, I hate everyone equally.

For the record, that last paragraph was a joke.


  1. “The trunk is so big, it's probably a 4.3 DH (That's Dead Hookers. A unit of measure for trunk space)” - This made me laugh! I remembered the bit in “Analyze That” when Robert DeNiro’s character was convincing would be car-buyers that you could fit dead bodies in the trunk. :D

    - Leisa Dreps -

  2. Hahahahaha!!!

    I'm glad you liked it! :)

  3. You’re a funny one Leisa. I’ve seen Analyze That too. Sure was fun watching DeNiro and Crystal. I like the last car. Though it does have that evil feel to it, I like to think that it’s also associated with high-class royalties. Not that I’m saying that high-class people have an air of evil, but I would very much like to have a car like this. Lol. It’ll make me feel like the Queen of England or something. :D

    - Maria

    1. That blue car was parked in from of the Katacombes, some kind of work coop / bar thing where a lot of hairy metal people hang out. The inside of the car was a mess and the fabric on the seats was torn. But, I could see that it was a work in progress as the owner started to add some mean-looking accessories like a really long hot-rod gear shifter with a custom metal tip. Something like what you would find on this site:

      I could totally imagine the Queen of England with tattoos, dressed in a pin-up polka dot dress, high Union-Jack Doc Martens boots and a studded leather jacket with sunglasses driving one of those. God damn that would rock. \m/

  4. Wow! This parade of beautiful cars is simply a feast for the eyes! I can just imagine how your eyes almost popped out every time you see lovely cars like these. All of them are classic – their beauty is just timeless. I hope we both get to own one of these someday! Cheers!

    Ellsworth Mciltrot

    1. If you love cars, you will love this post I wrote earlier.