Thursday, 27 September 2012

Weird day and weird snacks

I don't know what the hell was going on today but it was weird. I woke up this morning with the song If you wanna be my lover by the Spice Girls in my head. I don't know why the hell that popped up and it just stuck there. You know, I always assumed that this song must've been such a riot of a joke in the Arabic world. Simply because of the part where they go "Zagazag-Aaahh!", especially in the video with scary spice spreading and shaking her legs a little she says it. Why would Arabs find that part funny you ask? Because zag literally means shit in slang Arabic. I kid you not. So think about it. Imagine you're Arab. You're watching the If you wanna be my lover video on TV for the first time ever and you suddenly see Scary Spice squat, spread her legs apart and shake her knees like she's trying to shake one out while singing Zagazag-Aaah! Now, I don't care where you're from or what language you speak. Poop jokes are universally funny and that song must have hit the Arab world's funny bone.

I had ONE coffee today. Just one small cup of Sumatra coffee from the sickeningly dirty Keurig K-Cup machine at work that hasn't been cleaned since the dawn of civilization. (Yes, the birth of civilization is marked by the invention of the automatic single cup coffee machine.) It somehow gave me super powers today because I was able to focus so hard I could see the code behind the code in the software I was working on. The reason is probably because I stopped drinking coffee about six months ago. I was going through some hard times and I had a complete loss of appetite. I mean some days all I would have is a small glass of OJ and I'd spend my day on that. I had to cut the coffee because I was having a bad reaction to it and I would get constant stomach acid. And running on nothing but caffeine wasn't really good for me either and just increased my anxiety. So after six months of quitting cold turkey, I had the darkest coffee available in the office rack of K-Cups and I got so energized and focus I think I started seeing beyond matter and started to perceive the meaning of life. Until I hit 7 o'clock while working over-time on a critical bug and get into the worst caffeine crash I ever had. And that's when the song I got the moves like Jagger decided to lodge itself in my brain and loop at the fucking refrain. God damn this day!

When I was finally done with work I headed home, changed and immediately went out to grab the metro to head downtown for a walk. I hadn't walked a good walk in about a week. But, I was starving. I headed over to Chinatown to the Harmonie Bakery to grab a bite to eat as I walked. I wanted to try something different though. So I went for the banana-leaf wrapped rice balls since it looked like the size of a small dinner. I also grabbed a pork floss and shallot bun and a brown red-bean stuffed mochi ball for dessert.

Of all three, I was disappointed by all of them to different degrees. The pork floss bun was just bread and the actual pork was like sprinkled dry pork on top with green onions all baked on the surface. I thought the pork would be stuffed inside the bun, but it wasn't the case. Bummer. Then I followed that with the rice ball. Man, that was a poor choice for a snack to eat while taking a walk. The thing is wrapped in a few banana leaves and everything is stuck to the rice, because it's glutinous sticky rice. So here I am on the sidewalk, trying to pull these dried up leaves from some sticky rice concoction, getting all my hands sticky with what I guess is gluten and when I was finally able to unwrap the thing in a holdable & edible position I had made a mess of myself anyway. The first bite was interesting, but when I was halfway through it became unbearable. It was gross as hell. The filling is pork and some weird paste that looks like egg yolks were hardboiled or something. I got sick of it and threw it in a trash can somewhere. I would've given to hungry homeless person, but I don't think they deserve that kind of punishment. They've got it bad enough as it is.

And then I thought I'd change the bad taste in my mouth with my little desert. Well I was fucked. Because that desert wasn't sweet at all. You think that's cocoa powder covering that mochi ball? Nope. I don't know what the hell it was, but it wasn't chocolatey, nor was it anything sweet. And the filling? I swear it was god damn refried beans, man! With sugar! What kind of godawful "desert" is that?!?! If the Chinese's idea of a desert are a pasty brown nacho dip, then I agree with the idea of the Reese's Pieces Corps.

Walking along Saint-Laurent I noticed this poster on the door of the Club Soda. Looks like it's going to be fun zombie time pretty soon. Actually, a friend of mine invited me to join him during the Montreal Zombie Walk. I wonder if I'm going to go. It might be fun and, hey, maybe I'll snap a few pics and talk about it on here!

I kept on walking along, trying to digest the terrible food I swallowed and ended up walking something like 12 kilometers or about 7.5 miles. Along the way I stopped on Saint-Denis in front of this store called Montreal Images. An art and art supply store.

They sell some pretty awesome artwork and they have some cool collectibles. Most of them being themed around Tintin. They also had this cool black stormtrooper figurine. Apparently they do custom framing as well if you want to get anything framed.

So overall I walked from Chinatown, to Mont-Royal, then back to Sainte-Catherine, to Guy street and back to Place des Arts. I think that's about 12km. Just before I got back into the metro I noticed this. And it's pretty hard not to notice.

It kills me to think that the city has actually installed water counters in large commercial buildings and multi unit residential buildings to charge people for water usage in order to deter people from wasting water, when you have shit like this where small lakes form under the city streets due to broken pipes and bad road construction. Shit Montreal, get it together!

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