Friday, 28 September 2012

The Grilled Cheese

I am sick tonight. I was working late again helping my teammates fix some last minute issues when all of a sudden it just hit me. Sore throat, stuffy nose, dry cough. I swear it just happened in a blink of an eye! I have been lacking sleep this week and haven't had a lot of rest. Plus, many coworkers have been sick this past month, I guess it was just a matter of time before I caught the running cold. So, when I got home I felt exhausted and was craving soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

I didn't want to make anything myself and I wanted to go get some air and walk just a little because my ass was hurting for sitting for so long for two whole days and I didn't want to isolate myself between the four walls of my apartment after being cooped up in an office all day until the sun came down. So, I thought about where I could get a grille cheese sandwich an the first place that came to mind was Gros Jambon on Notre-Dame. There's also the Atomic Café close to my place, but Gros Jambon sounded better and more practical since it's downtown and I could walk around after dinner.

I got there around 8:30 and they were still open. I walked in, they handed me a menu and I sat down at their counter on the wall. The place is tiny! And it's covered wall to wall with old retro signs and memorabilia. It's a quaint little place to eat if you just want to grab a quick lunch or dinner, but it's not really a place to sit down and have a huge meal.

So there I sat checking out what they had. Unfortunately they didn't have any soup. It's too bad because I really had a hankering for a tasty warm chicken noodle soup. That would've been really good considering how shitty I felt. But, I did, however, pick the bacon grilled cheese sandwich. Their menu is pretty standard diner fare and the prices are pretty good considering they are located in Old Montreal. As I waited for my food I was thinking about all the things I had heard about the place. I once talked with the owner while I was walking by and he was explaining to me what was so special about the place and it's that they make everything fresh from scracth on site. And I mean EVERYTHING. They even make their own bread. Also, during my quest for fried chicken, I learned that on weekends, these guys serve a southern American classic soul food dish: chicken and waffles. I have GOT to go there for brunch! I mean come on! Friend chicken for breakfast? It's the next big thing after Cookie Crisps!

Finally my food arrived. I was starving, but it was worth the wait. The portion was just right and the sandwich looked delicious. I took a bite and all of a sudden I was in grilled cheese heaven. I made the right choice by going to Gros Jambon. The lightly toasted crispy buttery homemade bread was outstanding. And this cheese was this ooey gooey mix of melted yellow and white cheddar cheese with amazingly delicious thick strips of smokey bacon. That was the best damn grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had in my life! It came with a small side of fries and a little cup of homemade coleslaw made with malt vinegar. Very good!

I ate my delicious food, paid for my meal and then went out for a short walk around the Plateau to help digest the food and get a bit of exercise before going home. While on the plateau I noticed this awesome vintage classic: a Jeep Grand Wagoneer with the wooden panels! That is a beautiful truck.

Other than that, there was nothing new. I was just tired and felt sick so I promptly headed home before I started sneezing and snotting all over the place.

Now, I'm off to bed to get some rest and hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow morning because I got a lot of work waiting for me.


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