Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hot Cold

What a day today. I think I must've spent half an hour this morning just to try to figure out what to wear. The Weather Network app on my phone was giving me some messed up numbers for the temperature and the weather of the day. It was cold and clammy for the past couple of weeks to the point where I had to start the heaters in my apartment! It's only September for God's sake! What the hell!?!? Not only was that to heat the place up, but also to try to get rid of the humidity that's been reaching over 80%! Now I have my AC running in dehumidifier mode with a hose out the front balcony door and there's a steady stream coming out from all the water taken out of the air in my flat. How crazy is that?

This morning was super cold and humid, but it was going to be warm in the afternoon, like 21 degrees! (Celcius, obviously. That's 70 F for all you metric haters.) Then it said there would be a thunderstorm in the afternoon and it was going to be cold again tonight. Well fuck it. I'm wearing a T-shirt and a hoodie. If it's cold, I'll keep the hoodie on, if it's warm, I'll take the damn hoodie off. Problem solved. And if they don't like my T-shirt and hoodie style at work, well tough titty. Tell it to mother nature.

Teh questionable T-shirt I wore at work today!
Too bad nobody got the reference. Oh well.

Overall that turned out to be a great choice because apparently, the building managers of the office where I work decided to redo the roof. The crew that went up there decided to cut off all ventilation systems and the AC of the building to do their work because, I don't know, the air vents prevented them from doing their job properly, but also because the smell of the tar would've seeped in and killed us all! Well not really, but it would've stunk to high heaven and I would probably have ended up with a massive headache and throwing up all over he place. Except there was a minor detail they forgot. See, we have a server room in our office. When the AC was turned off, the whole room started to heat up pretty drastically. If nothing' done, the temperature could reach a critical point and all the servers would've shut down or would have required to be shutdown or otherwise melt in a giant puddle of burnt circuits and melted rubber. Of course, our expert team was able to manage and the servers were saved, but for the first time sine I started working there last year, I was actually comfortable in the office and not freezing my butt off on my chair. Until the AC was back on and I had to wear three extra layers, drink some hot tea and start a small campfire under my desk to keep warm.

After work I got home and I had the most terrible craving for General Tao chicken. I haven't had that stuff in ages and I guess my body demanded that I fill it up with tasty chicken prepared according to the recipe of one of China's great military leaders of history after which the dish was named. (Yeah Right...) There was only one place I could think of that served the best General Tao chicken in town and it was one of my favourite spots as a hungry student when I was in college because it was so good and so cheap! So, my mind was set and I dressed up again to face the chilly temperature outside and out the door I went.

I got off downtown at the Guy Concordia station and walked west on Sainte-Catherine until I found my spot. The Café Wok! It's a dirty little place, but back in the day I went there to get General Tao chicken and  their equally awesome Cantonese chow mein for around 6.50$ + taxes! And now I'm back to get some more!

See? Told you!

I went in and they gave me a single table on the side of the dining room. They handed me a menu, but what I wanted was the very first item on the very first page. Combo 1: Soup or imperial rolls and General Tao chicken. So the waiter came back with my glass of water and I ordered right away. I got hot and sour soup as the appetizer. The soup came in just minutes. It was nice and hot, but not spicy at all. And frankly, it lacked flavour. It was a bit disappointing, but that's not really what I was there for anyway.

When I was done with the soup they took the bowl away and I waited a few more minutes until my main course arrived. It looked fancier than I remember. It used to be just this giant round plate that was just stuffed with food. Now, it seems they've worked on their presentation a bit. I started eating the vegetables and they were cold. What gives? Then I bit into the chicken and while the batter was light and just a little crunchy, the sauce itself was not what it used to be. Now. it actually tasted more like some kind of orange-flavoured chicken sauce. This is definitely not the best General Tao chicken I've ever had at this place. And it especially doesn't deserve to be called Montreal's best General Tao chicken in the city. I still ate the whole thing, but I had to add the hot cock sauce on it for flavour.

When I was done, I got my receipt with a fortune cookie. I love fortune cookies. They're so crunchy and sweet and delicious! And they all come with a cool message inside like a Kinder Surprise! Let's see what mine says!

........ fuck!

After I paid and left the place I walked east until I reached the place where I usually start, Place des Arts. Sometimes Place d'Armes, but lately it's Place des Arts. While I passed in front, I noticed that the most awesome food truck was there selling their signature tacos! Gruman 78! If ever you spot them there or at Parc Émilie Gamelin or at the Olympic Stadium, make sure you stop and say hi and order one of their most excellent tacos.

I'd hate to follow that truck on the highway though.

From there I went to Saint-Laurent and completed my usual circuit. At that point, the weather became really hot. My hoodie and coat were way too much! I swear, I don't know what the hell is wrong with this weather. One moment you're freezing your butt off outside and the next, you're sweating your balls off in the heat and humidity. Really  not cool, Mother Nature, really not cool.

On Saint-Denis on my way back down I passed in front of this restaurant that I'd really like to try one day: the Universel. The reason: Fries and mussels for 13.95$! That's pretty decent! And it looks like a respectable place too!

Finally, I was getting very tired so I went home. As usual, I was welcomed by a new friend who's been saying hi almost every night now. She's kinda shy though and sometimes she runs back in her home when she sees me. I have yet to find a name for her though. But, sometimes what I'll do is catch a little bug or a fly and throw it in her web and she'll pounce on it and drag it in her hole. (Hehehehehe!)

The flash really brings out her eyes!

Anyway, that's it for tonight. Have a good night everyone. Until next time!

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  1. Real Sauvé and I were at a conference at Palais des Congres last week and he took me to his favourite spot in Chinatown, Nanpic. The reviews online aren't all great but the General Tao was very good, best I've had in a long time. I agree that Wok Café ain't want it used to be 6-7 years ago.