Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Fisker

I've been down with a cold this weekend and I've been sitting on my ass or lying down most of the time to recuperate. Tonight, I wasn't feeling very sleepy. Probably due to all the cough syrup. Man, that it's worse than a red bull. No wonder kids get high on that stuff. And my back was starting to hurt from not doing anything. I was feeling a little better so I decided to go for a walk. I also needed to clear my mind of some stuff and put some thoughts in order. Walking is the best for that. At some point it's like your body knows where to go and your mind can just drift off and you can just think. Gotta be careful crossing streets though. Sometimes I get so deep in thought I forget to look at the lights and start crossing on a red light. I got honked a couple of times because of this. Oh well. It's not like I'm crossing through oncoming traffic though.

Anyway, enough rambling. Like I said, I went out for a quick walk to get some exercise and to get that extra energy from the cough syrup out of me. One thing I gotta say is that I'm always surprised at the cars I get to see in the streets of this city. Some people have a lot of cash. I don't know where they get that amount of money. But, with all the stories of corruption and mafia in the construction industry and the governments that we've been hearing on the news lately, maybe it's best not to ask... Tonight was no exception. Right on the corner of Saint-Laurent and Sainte-Catherine, I got to see a rare automobile. A Fisker Karma. The Karma is a Hybrid luxury sport sedan with a concept kind of like the Chevrolet Volt in a sense that it has a gasoline engine, but it is not used to move the car, like a conventional gas powered car. Rather, the gas engine is used as a generator to supply electricity to the batteries and electric motors that actually move the car. The whole system sits in this exotic looking sports car that is just beautiful to look at. And the most awesome part is that the roof of the car is actually a solar panel! Talk about efficient! It's a pretty wicked car. People were coming from all over to take a look at it and they couldn't believe it. It does look pretty damn impressive.

After I ogled the car long enough and drooled a little on its hood (I couldn't help it, I was in awe.) I moved on up Saint-Laurent and I noticed something weird when I got to the corner of Ontario street. Something was out of whack. The corner wasn't as dark and creepy as it used to be. Then it hit me. Where did all the skulls and flames and devils that were graffittied on the wall go? I realized that the Katacombes heavy metal bar had a total makeover by Keith Haring and some 80's designer! What the fuck? It was all bright and vibrant and energetic, not scary with skeletons riding motorcycles spitting flames with dragons and God knows what other satanic creature. What happened? Did the bar change its satanic vocation to become an 80's bar where people grow ugly short moustaches and dress up like Don Johnson in Miami Vice? Are we going to start seeing mullet sporting dudes parking their Pontiac Fiero on the street in front of the place? Hell if I know. The bar was closed anyway so there was no way of finding out. Maybe next time? Anyway, it all looks like a terrible omen. Even worse than burning skulls mounted on motorcycles from hell.

A little further up, not too far form there I saw a very interesting sign in a window of the restaurant Maestro SVP which advertise that if you and a friend can eat 33 dozens of oysters, you get them for free. 33 dozens?!?!? Think about it, that's 396 freakin' oysters! Or, 198 each! I don't know about you, but the odds of cutting your lips on the sharp edges of the oyster shells must be pretty high when you eat that many. But, you know, I wonder if I could do it. My mother loves oysters. Maybe her and I can take on the ultimate challenge. We'd be the best oyster sucking team there ever was. We'd call ourselves the Mama's boy! Or maybe not. Maybe we wouldn't even get halfway through and end up puking foul bottom-of-the-ocean smelling partly digested oysters all over the place and end up with a giant puke-fest like the barf-o-rama story from Stand By Me. And we'd still have to pay for our god damn oysters that are now all over the damn floor. Anyway, it's kind of fun to imagine either way.

As I went around Mont-Royal and headed back down Saint-Denis, it was getting close to midnight. I texted  my friend Fouf to check if he was working late again tonight. He was! So I walked all the way to his office building in Old Montreal across from the Cité du Multimédia. On my way there I passed in front of the St Lawrence Center. Apparently, this building is in use by Environment Canada for water quality monitoring, especially of the Saint-Lawrence river. But, I thought the building looked really nice at night the the lighting so I took a picture. It's quite a beautiful looking building.

Finally I met my friend at his job, had a chat while walking back to my car which was parked about ten-fifteen minutes away and then I gave him a ride home. Walking alone is fine, but sometimes it's nice to have some company even if just a little while. Eventually, I drove home and now here I am finishing my blog post.

Now I'm off to bed, feeling a little sleepier, but not by much. I hope I can get some sleep soon because I got work in the morning. *sigh* Me and my insomnia sometimes... I just have too much on my mind.

Good night everyone.


  1. "Did Lard-ass have to pay to get in the contest"? is one of my favourite lines of all time. Also, as for the Mama's boy comment, you need to watch this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motherboy_XXX

  2. Hahaha I'm gonna have to check out that episode.