Thursday, 11 October 2012

Too much mac n cheese

I'm really tired. I can't get much sleep due to anxiety and other problems. Motivation for walking out in the cold is not very high either. But, last night I had to go. The reason? I was starving when I got home and I ate a whole box of Kraft Dinner (That's what Kraft Mac n Cheese is called in Canada) with cut up hot dog sausages in it. I usually eat healthier than this, I swear! I was tired and felt lazy and when I'm lazy I fall into full on bachelor mode. But, god dammit was it ever worth it!

The problem though is that I felt bloated afterwards. And I knew that if just laid down in front of the TV and do nothing about it, it would all go straight into my ass and thighs. So, if I wanted to keep on fitting in my new skinny jeans I had to go out and spend all those calories. Seriously though, I knew it would totally help with the digestion. Therefore, I decided to go roam about in the cold streets of the Plateau once again.

I walked up Saint-Laurent and the first thing I noticed was that the Katacombes bar, had changed once again. It would seem the owner decided to keep the peace between the gothic metal heads and the hipsters by removing half of the flashy 80's pattern wallpaper from the walls of the building thus revealing the old burning  atomic skeleton biker from hell once again, but also fixed the Sphinx Headroom head that was so angrily torn off the wall. And lo and behold, peace and balance was brought back into the world at the corner of Saint-Laurent boulevard and Ontario street in Montreal.

So, if they play indie goth metal from obscure bands that no one ever heard of, are the hipsters and goths gonna get along together in there? I mean they're both hairy, mostly have beards, wear black skinny jeans and plaid shirts or t-shirts with obscure band names on them and they're both against conformity. The only difference is the shoes. Knee high black leather buckle boots with 2'' soles vs ironic pointy battered brown leather shoes.


I was walking up on the west side of the street and I came across this café bar that always plays live original music, or most of the time anyway. It's a long dark room with a small stage at the back end. The place is called Divan Orange (Orange Couch) and hosts many a local independent artist. So if you're into that stuff, it looks like a cool place to hang out.

Other than that I really didn't notice anything. Except for a new painting at this art store on Saint-Denis which really caught my eye. A few articles ago I mentioned this place that did custom picture frames and sold all sorts of Tintin stuff and artwork called Montreal Images. There was a great sort of collage of different Montreal buildings and sightings that were set into a large picture. Now, it has been replaced by an amazing zombie themed painting that I found truly incredible. As a Walking Dead fan this really caught my eye and I wanted it so bad it hurt! Check it out!

Lady, what are you doing!?!?
Look behind you!!
THEY'RE GOING TO EAT YOU ALI-oh what the hell screw you.

I was getting pretty cold and it was starting to rain as I got back to Place-Des-Arts so I headed up right away. The walk did it's purpose and the Mac n Cheese n Hot Dogs hat settled down and I was ready to go home and rest. But, I couldn't quite sleep until I took care of some... business.

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